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Covers for helmets

Covers 1.jpg

Camouflage covers

Today a camouflage fabric cover remains one of the most universal methods of camouflage for ballistic helmets.

We use only high quality fabrics (for example polyamide, nylon or fabrics compositions and combinations), durable and reliable,  which provides resistant to external factors such as friction and rupture.

At the request fabrics are available in different colors (for example RAL 6003 Olive green, RAL 6022 Olive drab etc.),  patterns and designs (for example camouflage MM-14, M05 MKU etc.)

Airborn cover.jpg

A two-side (summer/winter) airborne cover is intended to prevent the entry of slings and straps of the “Cascade” system parachute under the helmet  during the parachute jumping and to protect from the strong airflow on the big velocity during the airdropping

Airborne covers

Made in Ukraine

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